Our club seeks to offer a fun and informal approach to tournament bass fishing. We aim to hone our angling skills through the thrill of competition, but at the end of the day we're simply men and women who just like fishing.  


What you need to join OUR CLUB

  1. Be of at least 18 years and possess a valid New York State fishing license. 
  2. Be a good standing member of B.A.S.S.
  3. Sign a liability release absolving the club or its members from any liability due to an accident of any sort during a club tournament. 
  4. Attend at least one club meeting.  (Note:  Meetings are typically held twice a year.  Once in March and once in November.  The meetings are held at the Tonawanda Gander Mountain. Next club meeting date will be March 26, 2016 (click here for details.)
  5. Pay an annual fee of:

         $20.00 to Niagara Frontier (Note:  This fee is waived for              first time members.)

         $30.00 to B.A.S.S. National (Note:  This fee is waived for            members registered through another club.)




What you need to know about our club

  1. You do not need to own a boat to a member and fish a tournament.
  2. If you own a boat and wish to fish a tournament with your boat, the vessel must be of at least 16 feet in length and possess and working livewell.  The engine may not exceed 250HP. Proof of insurance must be on file with club secretary or presented on day of tournament.
  3. All club tournament entry fees are $40.00 (includes lunker)
  4. All open team tournament entry fees are $80.00 per boat. (Five fish limit per boat.)
  5. Non-boaters are charged an additional $20.00 as a courtesy to the boater for expenses. (gas, insurance, towing, etc.)